I think you can probably guess as to why there was a giant break in posts on here, right? :) It’s been a bummer dealing with the aftermath of IVF not working the first time around, but I’ve had enough distance from it that we’ll probably swing back around to giving it another shot (har … Read more

31-34-24 :(

That is not how those numbers are supposed to go. Those are my hCG levels, in case you hadn’t guessed. And in case you can’t tell, the number going down at the end means our IVF cycle didn’t work. Because I can’t really convey “uncontrollable sobbing” via blog post, I’m going to stick to making … Read more

Cautiously optimistic

Well, we got sort of good news. We’re told to be “cautiously optimistic.” Basically, I *am* technically pregnant, but my hCG is lower than we’d like which is concerning. My husband specifically requested that I attempt to convey the news via emoji. Which, given this lack of clarity, I knew would be difficult. How’d I … Read more

“Our tub is bigger than that!”

When we first bought this house in 2011, this four-bedrooms-plus-an-illegal-semi-bedroom-in-the-basement house, with its amazing master suite complete with giant Jacuzzi tub, we totally started nesting. We mentally bought furniture. We pictured which rooms a baby would go in. We pictured dogs and toddlers running around out back. And we were excited that our closest hospital, only … Read more